The Reality about Teeth Replacement Options like Dentures

The Reality about Teeth Replacement Options like Dentures

Feb 01, 2021

When you have missing teeth, you experience various problems. You lose confidence in your smile, encounter challenges speaking and eating the foods you love. Your situation makes it essential for you to search for teeth replacement solutions to alleviate the problems you encounter.

Researching replacements for your teeth enable you to see the various options available on the market. One of the options available is the time-tested dentures, customized appliances to replace your missing teeth and restore your appearance and oral functions that you lost.

You can either have complete dentures or a partial appliance according to your specific situation. Full dentures are useful when all your teeth are missing, and a partial device benefits you if you have lost only some teeth.

What Are the Different Variations of Dentures?

Researching dentures near me reveals information that you can either have complete or partial dentures.

Complete dentures are customized from a gum-colored plastic base supporting an entire set of plastic or porcelain teeth. The conventional denture is held in your mouth, forming a seal with the gums. Keeping them in place by attaching them to dental implants surgically placed in your jawbone is also possible. However, the treatment is more expensive than the traditional complete denture.

Partial dentures are customized with a plastic base or metal framework supporting the teeth that need replacement. The appliance is held in your mouth using clasps carefully adapted around the natural teeth. Partial dentures are generally used as temporary replacements for missing teeth allowing your gums to heal before a permanent restorative solution is obtained. However, recently, various materials like valplast provide durable and flexible alternatives in certain situations.

The Fabrication of Dentures

After teeth are extracted or lost, the tooth socket fills with bone as the gum tissue heals and changes shape. The process requires a few months to allow the gums and bone to reach a stable form. A traditional complete denture is customized after the healing period requiring about eight to 12 weeks after losing or extracting the teeth.

Dentures in Richmond, TX, start the procedure by taking a series of oral tissue impressions that will support the appliance. A dental laboratory uses the images to make models of your mouth. The dentist and the laboratory technician gradually start customizing your dentures and transferring them to your mouth at every step to ensure a proper fit. The professionals also try to ensure the device establishes a correct bite and does not compromise your appearance or aesthetics. You must visit the dentist every week for about four to five weeks until your customized appliance is ready.

During the first month after receiving the appliance, you must occasionally return to the dentist for adjustments.

You can even choose to have an immediate denture to cover the gaps in your mouth immediately after extraction. Immediate dentures are customized before tooth extraction and are purely a temporary measure until you can have a traditional denture customized for you.

Are There Alternatives for Dentures?

You have a couple of options to replace missing teeth if you don’t prefer dentures. You can either have dental bridges or implants as replacements for the teeth you lost. However, as mentioned earlier, both procedures are expensive and require a substantial investment from you to have them in your mouth.

Will Dentures Affect Your Appearance and Functionality of Your Mouth?

Dentures near 77469 restore or enhance your appearance while remaining virtually undetectable. You require some practice before you can insert and remove the dentures from your mouth. You experience soreness in your gums and may find it essential to return to your dentist to have the appliances adjusted frequently.

Eating with dentures in your mouth also requires some practice. You can help yourself by starting with soft foods and chewing on both sides of your mouth before introducing solid foods. You must avoid sticky and chewy foods until your cheeks and tongue that accustomed to the dental appliance.

You may experience some challenges when speaking during the initial days. However, the chore becomes more comfortable with practice and repetition. Dentures can become dislodged with exaggerated movements such as yawning and laughing. In such cases, you must have the appliance adjusted or re-lined. The device causes increased production of saliva initially, which subsides with time.

Should The Appliance Remain in the Mouth All Day?

Dentures must remain in your mouth during the day and removed at night to allow time for your oral tissues to relax. However, during the first few days after receiving the dentures, they must remain in your mouth even when sleeping to identify areas that need adjustments.

How to Care for Your Dentures?

Dentures in Richmond, TX, provide instructions on how to care for dentures to extend their lifespan and prevent plaque buildup on the appliance. You can purchase various denture products at drugstores for help in caring for and cleaning the dental appliances.

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