If you’re looking for a reliable, compassionate dentist near you, Silverstone Dental is fully equipped to take care of all your dental needs. We use the most advanced equipment and leverage our expertise in the field to create positive patient experiences. As an established dental specialist, Dr. Orieje Odinigwe offers an extensive range of preventive, restorative, cosmetic, and children’s dentistry services.

Our trained dentist in Crabb offers the following comprehensive dental procedures:

Implant Dentist near Me

Dental implants consist of three components, including titanium posts embedded in the jawbone, abutments attached to the screws, and finally, your restoration of choice fitted onto the abutment.

Implant-supported restorations like crowns, bridges, and dentures can improve your smile and support superior chewing and speaking functionalities. They are also much more durable and lasting than standard prosthetics. Once you come for a consultation at our convenient dental clinic near you, we will evaluate your oral cavity, gums, and jaws to check your eligibility for implants.

Sedation Dentistry

The apprehension of pain often keeps patients from getting the dental treatment that they need. Our reliable Crabb dentist may use laughing gas, numbing gel, gentle anesthetic injections, and oral sedation according to the patient’s unique needs. Effective sedation helps keep patients relaxed during treatment, and our patients report experiencing minimal discomfort and no pain.

If anxiety has been keeping you away, please be confident that you will experience no pain during the procedure. We will also prescribe effective medication to control any lingering post-treatment soreness.


Our highly trained dentist in Crabb, TX, may need to pull a tooth in case of severe damage, acute infection, or irreparable injury. Extractions at our dentist office near you may be simple or surgical, depending on the number of roots and location of the tooth. We may need to make a surgical incision in the gums to extract impacted teeth.

Endodontics at Silverstone Dental

If you’ve been advised to visit our dentist in 77469 for endodontics, it means you may need treatment for infected tooth pulp. We may perform a root canal therapy to save the tooth from extraction and treat the surrounding areas.

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