Pediatric Dentistry in Richmond, TX

At Silverstone Dental in Richmond, TX, we can provide you with the pediatric dentistry services your children need. Assuming that only adults need dental care and attention is false. The better we preserve your child’s dental health, the better their dental health will be when they grow up.

If you’re looking for a child-friendly dentist near you, we have a team of experts who are trained in this field of dentistry. With years of practice under their belt, our dentists at Silverstone Dental are more than qualified.

Oral Health Exams

Many people believe that pediatric dentistry is different from adult dentistry in the sense that children don’t need regular check-ups. The truth is different. Children are more vulnerable to dental caries, and if you need pediatric dentistry in Richmond, TX, we’d be more than glad to perform these check-ups.

The early detection of dental issues is vital to good dental health. The longer a problem goes on, the more complicated it gets. Many dental issues are detected during check-ups or at late stages when they start producing symptoms.

During these visits, we’ll also perform dental cleanings. These should help your child’s teeth remain fresh and free from plaque and other forms of build-up.

Treatments for Established Conditions

While health exams are valuable in detecting dental problems in their earliest stages, if your child is complaining of a dental problem, then it needs to be treated. A cavity, for example, needs to be filled. Without treatment, it’ll only grow, and the tooth will become progressively weaker.

Not all treatments are for decay and infections. Many children come to us at Silverstone Dental with misaligned teeth. Sometimes when a child’s teeth aren’t straight their parents’ notice and bring them in. On other occasions, the problem might be more subtle and is detected during a check-up by us.

Through our efforts towards better dental health in children, we try to raise awareness of the importance of pediatric dentistry. You shouldn’t wait until your child is complaining to take them to the dentist’s. The earlier a problem is detected, the better the outcome.

Other Services

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