Teeth Whitening in Richmond, TX

Who doesn’t want their teeth to be white and stain-free? Teeth whitening in Richmond, TX, is not naïve or vain. It’s one of the procedures we perform the most here at Silverstone Dental. We know how to whiten teeth effectively and within a timeframe that suits each patient and his or her needs.
The way our teeth look plays a significant role in how we go about our lives. Deeply stained or defective teeth can make people less outgoing. A bright smile, however, has the opposite impact as you’ll feel ready to take on the world.

How Teeth Are Whitened

At Silverstone Dental in Richmond, TX, we have methods & procedures that we can use in varying concentrations to whiten teeth. We know that there are commercial whitening products available, but we don’t recommend using them without guidance. Using these products without supervision can cause damage to teeth.

How quickly we whiten your teeth will depend on what you want. If you have an urgent event in a few days, we can whiten your teeth in a single extended visit. Those who aren’t in a hurry, however, will be better off whitening their teeth over several short visits.

It’s worth pointing out that artificial teeth and dental products are resistant to whitening. Those who have implants, bridges, veneers, and other dental products will not see the same results. That’s why we recommend taking good care of artificial teeth and similar items.

Alternatives to Whitening

Most of our patients achieve maximum results with whitening, but some continue to have teeth that were a little resistant to the procedure. If a tooth is deeply stained, whitening products become less effective. That doesn’t mean they have to live with discolored teeth, though.

Veneers can be used to cover whitening-resistant teeth. We have veneers here at Silverstone Dental, and they’re a great option. They’re thin shells that we firmly attach to the front surfaces of teeth. No one will be able to notice them, and they can cover damaged teeth and ones that are too stained to be whitened.

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