Tooth Extraction in Richmond, TX

When a tooth is decayed, has a very large cavity, or has been severely damaged by trauma, extraction is sometimes the best solution. At Silverstone Dental in Richmond, TX, we highly value natural teeth and try to preserve them whenever possible. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible.

While tooth extractions sound scary, at Silverstone Dental, we try to make them as convenient as possible. We’re here to listen to any concerns or questions you might have and address them. We’ll always discuss what you can expect and your options for tooth replacement before the extraction is done.

The Extraction

Tooth extractions are less complicated than people think. We have two main types: simple and surgical extractions. Most people only need simple extractions. In a simple extraction, we elevate the tooth and pull it out. A surgical extraction will need an incision in the gums to facilitate removal and potentially some bone removal too.

Before any work is done, we inject local anesthesia to numb your mouth. You might feel some pressure, but you won’t feel any pain while we work. We’ll prescribe painkillers and give you more instructions on how to minimize pain during recovery.

Tooth Replacement Options

The most popular type of replacement right now is a tooth implant. An implant involves inserting a titanium screw into your jawbone for fixation and durability. On a second visit, an artificial tooth is placed over the implant.

Implants are hard and resilient. You won’t have any problems chewing or speaking with an implant, and they look just like natural teeth. Additionally, if you take care of your dental hygiene, your implant can last an entire lifetime and won’t need replacement.

Dentures and dental bridges are other procedures that can be done for tooth replacement. Bridges are popular and were considered the best option before the development of implants.

At Silverstone Dental, we try to make extractions as simple as possible. Our goal is also to help you find a replacement option that suits your needs. We’ll display all the options to you, and the final decision will be yours.

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