Invisalign® in Richmond, TX

Looking to transform crooked or misaligned teeth into a beautiful smile? Get information on Invisalign®️ clear braces at Silverstone Dental. Deciding to change your smile is a big decision. We will help you examine and compare the best treatment options.

A reliable dentist near you can help evaluate your oral cavity and take careful measurements before ordering a set of Invisalign®️ for your requirement.

What is Underbite and Overbite?

Underbite: This describes a condition where the lower teeth extend outward more than the upper teeth to give a bulldog-like appearance. Beyond the aesthetics, you can face problems with speaking and chewing too.

Overbite: An overbite occurs when the upper teeth protrude further than the lower set. This type of malocclusion is also referred to as ‘buck teeth’ and is very common in children and adults.

Trusted Invisalign®️ treatment in Richmond, TX can help correct problems of underbite and overbite within 6 to 18 months.

How Invisalign®️ Compares with Standard Braces

If you’re planning to get Invisalign®️ for yourself or for your children, you may have questions about how it compares with traditional braces in terms of cost, fit, and efficacy.

To begin with, Invisalign®️ and braces are both effective treatments for straightening teeth and improving your smile.

Invisalign®️ can produce results quickly (the results vary depending on each case), feels more comfortable, and is easy to remove and re-insert securely into your mouth. They fit snugly around your teeth in a discreet manner without forcing you to feel self-conscious about your smile. Although they are made from durable brackets, patients need not worry about emergency visits to fix broken wires.

Braces, on the other hand, consist of metal brackets that are glued onto your teeth and held together with wires and brackets. Modern braces can be fabricated to match tooth color, so it doesn’t stand out. Invisalign®️ is designed to be invisible in the mouth. They are made of safe, BPA-free plastic that subtly and gently shifts your teeth into line.

Contact Silverstone Dental in Richmond, TX today for more information about Invisalign®️ near you.

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