We welcome all patients to our family-based dental practice in Rosenberg. We prioritize our patients’ convenience and well-being at all times and offer a supportive environment for treatment. Our modern and well-equipped dental clinic near you provides a range of versatile dental solutions for children and adults.

Silverstone Dental is conveniently located and is open late on weekdays to accommodate patients with busy schedules.

Preventive Dental Care

Identifying and treating dental problems early on prevents them from turning into stressful situations. Visiting Dr. Orieje Odinigwe for routine exams and cleanings can highlight hidden cavities, abscesses, decay, chipped, and cracked teeth well on time. We also use the latest equipment like the VELscope® to identify early signs of oral cancer.

Pediatric Dentistry Services

Untreated pediatric issues often result in ongoing problems during adulthood. In case of a toothache or discomfort, it’s best to bring your child for a consultation with our experienced Rosenberg dentist. Dental pain can be caused due to several reasons, including decay, cavities, or misaligned teeth.

Once your child develops permanent teeth, it’s advisable to get them fitted with Invisalign® clear retainers to straighten their smile.

Cosmetic Dentist near Me

Is a chipped, stained, gummy smile or too-small teeth making you appear unattractive? Our skilled smile design expert, Dr. Orieje Odinigwe, will assess your smile before recommending suitable solutions. Silverstone Dental offers teeth whitening, dental bonding, veneers, Lumineers®, crown lengthening, and gum reshaping to enhance your smile.

Please contact our reliable dentist in Rosenberg, TX, for a personalized smile makeover.

Advanced Restorations

We provide standard and implant-supported bridges, crowns, partials, and dentures to restore an incomplete smile. Untreated gaps in the dental arch can alter your bite, cause facial muscles to sag, and force adjoining teeth to rotate into the gap. Our experienced dentist in 77417 also offers All-On-Four® and All-On-Six® implants to replace a full set of upper or lower teeth.

Can I Find a Dentist Office near Me?

If you experience a throbbing, dull or intermittent toothache or discomfort, please contact Silverstone Dental for root canal therapy or painless extraction. We use the latest sedation dentistry to keep our patients comfortable during procedures.

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