Is a troublesome tooth keeping you from enjoying a good night’s sleep? Are you looking to enhance your smile? Our trained dentist in Sugar Land provides a full range of preventive, restorative, cosmetic, and children’s dental treatments. Besides offering a choice of the latest treatments, we accept major insurance plans and offer flexible payment options.

Our skilled dentist near you offers the following dental treatments and more.

Preventive Dentistry

Once you visit our dental clinic near you, Dr. Orieje Odingwe will check your oral cavity for problems like decay, cavities, worn down, chipped, or cracked teeth. Our trained hygienist will then perform professional teeth cleaning for a tartar-free smile.

We also provide sealant and fluoride treatment to help deter cavities from forming. Oral cancer screening takes less than 10 minutes and can help you seek early treatment.

Children’s Dentistry

Decayed, cavity-ridden, and misaligned baby teeth can disrupt adult teeth development and cause future complications. It’s a good idea to bring your child for regular dental checkups with our reliable dentist in Sugar Land, TX, every six months. We provide traditional braces and Invisalign® to straighten your adolescent’s smile and correct malocclusion.

If your child participates in sports activities, it’s best to get them fitted with custom-fitted mouthguards to protect the lips, teeth, tongue, and gums from injury.

Extractions and Root Canal Therapy

When a bacterial infection gets into the tooth pulp, it leads to inflammation, pain, and heightened sensitivity. In extreme cases, we may need to extract the primary tooth to prevent infection spread.

Our trusted dentist in 77479 also performs pulpotomy to treat infected baby teeth. Root canal treatments for older children can prevent the need for extraction.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Silverstone Dental provides an exciting range of cosmetic enhancements that can improve your smile and make you appear younger and more radiant.

Emergency Dentist near Me

Please contact our skilled Sugar Land dentist for assistance with any dental emergencies that occur after regular office hours. Untreated problems may cause permanent tooth loss at a later stage.

Silverstone Dental is a one-stop dental clinic that provides an array of dental services under a single roof.

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